The Open Innovation dinner

Thanks everyone for turning up to our noisy experiment in anarchistic business-school and consultant-speak for a new world……..Vlismas

We enjoyed it – we being Eddie Obeng, John Vlismas the comedian and me, especially being able to share with gen-x, -y and baby boomers all in one spot. John Vlismas has a great ability to deconstruct his comedy practice and describe it in terms of leadership and learning – hard to believe when he was talking about the dog he’d sleep with (husky by the way – those eyes!). We’ll present that work at another venue.

What I realised was that talking in a forum of bloggers, comedians, muzos, artists, exec MBAs and CEO’s is the most liberating and challenging of experiences – hell, people tell you what they REALLY think – at the time they think it. Ouch. Wow. Bring it on……..

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing …….. badly, to begin with

3 Responses to “The Open Innovation dinner”

  • C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your first official post Jon!
    Looking forward to a wealth of exciting content gathering here at the Creategist!

  • Awesome presentation at Technomadic dinner tonight! Now, how can we convince you to start sharing those thoughts in your blog more often?

  • Unfortunately was unable to participate in your dinner. However visited your blog for the same reasons as Henk. Would be good for you to start sharing the boundless wisdom here! C’mon the Creategist!

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